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Proven Impacts
Continuous Improvement and Program Support
To honor our commitment to high quality education that promotes 21st century skills, Intel has produced innovative curricula, trained millions of educators worldwide, and supplied technology and advanced technology programs to students in developing countries around the world.

Along with these program and infrastructure investments, Intel has also dedicated sizeable resources to rigorous program evaluation in order to ensure continuous, targeted improvement of all of our educational products and activities.

The research compiled for this purpose has not only enabled us to improve and refine our program development efforts, but now also comprises a rich body of evidence that leaders implementing Intel® Education Initiative programs can use to demonstrate program impact and gain program support.

In fact, this evidence—collected and reported by independent research firms and containing not only descriptions of successes, but also honest appraisals of areas needing improvement—has value for educational leaders looking for best practices and solutions to the problems they face in launching and implementing any educational technology program.

Stories of ImpactStories of Impact ›
Learn about the impact of the Intel® Education Initiative programs through evaluation research, as well as first-hand accounts of program participants.

Solutions for LeaderstSolutions for Leaders ›
Access research that addresses common problems educational leaders face in the development and implementation of technology education programs.

Research in ContextResearch in Context ›
Understand Intel's evaluation methodology and access original research reports, as well as references to correlating outside research.

Coming Soon Coming Soon
Check back for evaluation data updates and new articles about relevant research topics. These evaluation pages reflect ongoing work and are updated as frequently as possible to include the latest program evaluation results.

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