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2006 Asia Academic Forum

Dear Participant,

We are pleased to welcome you to the 2006 Asia Academic Forum. Organized under the Intel® Higher Education Program, this forum gathers key Intel technical experts and top professors from select Asian universities in China, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan to exchange ideas on current technology trends and challenges. Our theme for this year is “Multi-Core: A Leap Ahead for Research and Curriculum”.

The 2006 Asia Academic Forum focuses on two key areas: Track 1: System & Architecture and Track 2: Silicon Technologies & Manufacturing. The objectives of the event are to:
  1. Showcase Intel’s technology roadmap, business and research directions to academia.
  2. Foster environment and opportunities for interaction and collaboration between faculty/academia and Intel technologists.
  3. Showcase exemplary work of faculty in curriculum development and research.
  4. Increase the participants’ understanding on the programs and activities of the Intel R&D team.

A vital feature of the forum's agenda is a series of sessions which combine networking topics and poster display. These are two sessions that feature research and curriculum development efforts to be conducted by participating university professors. We encourage participants to go around and engage in these discussions with Intel experts and fellow academe researchers.

Parallel sessions boast of distinguished speakers from Intel’s roster of Principal Engineers and technologists from relevant Corporate and Asia business groups.


We look forward to meeting you in what promises to be a most fruitful, stimulating and, at the same time, enjoyable event.

Brenda Musili
Intel Worldwide Director of Education   Cheng Cheng Loo
Intel Asia Regional
Brenda Musili
Intel Worldwide Director of Education
  Cheng Cheng Loo
Intel Asia Regional