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NIT – Trichy Students Visit the Bangalore Intel® Campus

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On the

18th of March,

six computer science students of the

National Institute of Technology, Trichy

were taken for a trip to the Intel® Campus, Bangalore. The trip organized by the Higher Education team, hosted 4 students from B. Tech. final year and 2 students from M. Tech. first year, from NIT Trichy.

These students have worked extensively on Multi-core Projects and the purpose of the visit was to provide them with a comprehensive overview on Multi-core from the Intel® Technologists as also to deal with their queries regarding Multi-core tools and software.

The students were given a detailed insight on Multi-core Software Tools, Demo, Software Installation and Lab Setup from Intel technologists like GV Naveen and Dipesh Khona. Later in the day they were given the hardware perspective of Multi-core along with a discussion on the areas of research of Multi-core by Intel® technologist like Baskaran Ganesan, Binata Bhattacharyya, Ravindra P. Saraf and Anil K. Jonnalagadda. The students felt that they had gained in their knowledge and perspective after the interaction.