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Faculty Colloquium on Multicore

The Intel® Higher Education team is working with universities and technology colleges in India for integration of Multi Core curriculum with the academia and for introduction of Multicore technology to the students. In collaboration with I2IT Pune (International Institute of Information Technology), a Faculty Colloquium was conducted on Multicore Technology on Aug 8, 2009.

The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Atanu Rakshit, Deputy Director I2IT Pune. This was followed by a brief overview of the program by Mr. Satish Narule, Manager Intel Higher Education Program who discussed the need of Multicore and the challenges involved in implementing the Multicore curriculum.


Welcome Address by Dr. Atanu Rakshit


        Poster Presentation

Faculty members selected from seventeen engineering institutes across India participated in the workshop where they showcased the Multicore Curriculum through a Poster Presentation.


"The Event was very good, objective was very well conveyed and it was definitely an innovative approach"

- Prof. K K Gupta - RKGIT Ghaziabad.

Faculty members from the Kalasilingam University, NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology and RKGIT Ghaziabad who have already implemented the Multicore curriculum in their colleges showcased the Best Known Methods in their curriculum.

A Curriculum Roundtable Discussion was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Atanu Rakshit and Mr. Narayan Iyer who discussed the different aspects under the curriculum like advanced curriculum architecture, Systems programming, software and hardware. The proposed curriculum for the (Visvesvaraya Technological University) VTU which has been made with the collaboration of the industry and academia was also shared with the participants.


        Roundtable discussion

The teams in the roundtable identified the challenges in the implementation of the Multicore Curriculum and discussed the solutions. The participants expressed their happiness at having had a chance to interact with experienced faculty members and learn their innovative approaches to solving Multicore problems.

Being in an institute affiliated to Pune University, I would definitely carry the knowledge I have gained in this workshop to higher authorities in my institute - Dr BP Patil.