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With over 10 million teachers trained in over 70 countries, Intel® Teach has been driving systemic change in teaching and learning since 1999. Teachers learn from other teachers how, when and where to incorporate technology into their lesson plans, with a focus on developing students' higher-order thinking skills.

Whether a country has excellent Internet connectivity or very limited connectivity, the enhanced Intel® Teach Program portfolio has offerings designed to enable teachers to introduce, expand and support 21st century learning with project-based approaches in the classroom.

Intel® Teach Professional development offerings
Course Name Description
Intel Teach Elements: Short, self-paced interactive exploration of project-based approaches for your classroom and assessment in 21st century classrooms.
For Classroom Teachers – Facilitated
Course Name Description
Getting Started Course Introduction to classroom software productivity tools and student-centered approaches to learning.
Essentials Course Face-to-face training on how to integrate technology into existing classroom curricula to promote student learning.
Essentials Online Course Training on the same skills as the Essentials Course, through a blend of face-to-face and online training.
Thinking with Technology Course Training on effective technology integration skills using online thinking tools to enhance students' higher-order thinking.
For ICT Teachers
Course Name Description
Skills for Success Course Training on a student curriculum that develops digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration skills.
For School Administrators
Course Name Description
Leadership Interactive forum focused on leadership in promoting, supporting, and implementing effective technology integration in schools.
How it works
Intel Teach uses a "Train the trainer" model to provide both face-to-face and online instruction to help teachers around the world integrate technology into their classrooms. Teachers create lesson plans that can be immediately implemented and that meet local and national education goals and standards.
Working with governments - national, regional or local - worldwide, Intel introduces the program in interested countries and communities, which are selected based on strength of their commitment to the program. Intel then works with an initial group of teachers to help them become Intel Teach trainers themselves. These trainers in turn are responsible for sharing their new skills with other teachers in their region.
To ensure that program curriculum maintains relevancy and reflects lessons learned from feedback and research, Intel regularly provides updated material to the Intel Teach trainers.
Intel® Education Initiative Locations
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Success Stories
Success Stories
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How to integrate ICT in education for the 21st Century.

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