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The Intel® Teach Pre-service Program empowers the faculty in teacher education institutions to train their students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to integrate technology supported project based learning into the future classroom.

The pre-service program was introduced to Pakistan in 2005, with a pilot of 1,900 teachers completed with the University of Education in the province of Punjab (and all affiliated colleges), and two colleges in Islamabad Capital Territory.

The Intel Education team works with the universities and affiliated colleges to integrate ICT in the Instructional Technology or Computers in Education courses at the universities. So far, Intel has successfully integrated the Intel Teach curriculum with the University of Education, Punjab, University of Sindh and the GCETs in Punjab. Pilots have also been conducted with the Notre Dame Institute of Education and Hamdard University in Karachi.


The scale of impact through the pre-service program is immense and we are ensuring that even before teachers enter the workforce they are equipped with best and current teaching practices. The pre-service program is being rolled out on a major scale in the province of Punjab and efforts have begun to spread the program to other provinces as well. The impact achieved through the program is assessed through comprehensive evaluation surveys, which are conducted after teachers have graduated and are at the end of their internship period.