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Intel software in China: Intel China Software Center (ICSC)

Intel China Software Center (ICSC) is headquartered in Shanghai (Zizhu campus) with branch offices in Beijing and other parts of China. It started as the Intel China Software Lab (ICSL), when Intel first established its China software and R&D efforts at Shanghai in 1993. ICSC has grown into a world-class software R&D and product development organization,with more than

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500 talented employees, ranging from top engineering graduates from the best PRC universities, to technologists and marketing/business specialists recruited from all over the world. Today, it has expanded to cover many areas, from its core of software engineering and product development, to product marketing, technical support, strategic enabling and partnerships, for the China markets and beyond.

Over the past decade, ICSC has established a solid reputation as an Engineering Center of Excellence for developing and delivering global Intel software products. Core areas of expertise include system software and tools, EFI/Framework, compilers, embedded software, Linux* and open source. Another focus is the enablement of new technology and software on Intel® architecture to grow the markets in China and Asia Pacific regions by strategic collaboration and partnership with local partners to bring out the best system and software performance, and to address the market needs and new usage models. Areas include high-performance and grid computing, digital home and digital enterprise solutions, server performance benchmarks and application optimization. In addition, ICSC supports Intel's open source and Linux* effort, with activities include Linux* enabling on Intel platforms, development of the open sourced Foundation of EFI firmware, collaboration with CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute) on China Linux* standards, and, strategic partnerships with China's leading open source software vendors.

In the last three years, the Center has grown and evolved into a full-capability product center to include key efforts like the definition, design and development of software and platforms to enable new usage and solution innovations in new markets, providing the support, training and marketing of software products, and, working with strategic partners (software developers, hardware manufacturers, service vendors, and more) to build the ecosystem for Intel platforms solutions. It has since successfully created and brought-to-market several prominent software innovations and platform product solutions. For example, in January 2005, Intel introduced a new computing platform to simplify the management and administration of computers and software applications in small and medium-sized computer networks. Featuring new Intel® Platform Administration Technology and Intel® Platform Administrator software for simplified manageability, the new platform makes it easier for cost-sensitive organizations such as small businesses, Internet cafés and schools to maintain stable, more secure computing environments and minimize computer downtime without investing significant resources in PC management. The platform was among the first innovation introduced as part of Intel’s unique platform-focused approach for unique markets, first for China and currently shipping to countries worldwide.

ICSC has strong collaborations with PRC universities with many programs targeting to grow the China software engineering talents, supports initiatives of local and central government agencies, and actively participates in community service. The ICSC teams are proud of their passion, energy, innovative capability and in-depth technology expertise. They have also transformed the center into a great place to work..

ICSC is led by Dr. Jackson He. For more information, please visit our web site at http://www.intel.com/go/icsc.

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