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All-in-One PCs: Stylish Design

A stylish PC that can easily fit into any room in the house or office

Looking for a new PC that gets high marks for style? Well, look no further. The all-in-one PC’s cool, compact, and clutter-free design fits into any home or work setting and acts as your one-stop shop for creating, learning, entertaining, and sharing.

Whether it’s TV- or movie-watching on a big screen, playing interactive games with your kids, or video chatting with friends or coworkers, all-in-one PCs do it with style.

Dell all-in-one PC

An all-in-one PC

The family PC, now in a simple, stylish design. The screen and monitor have merged to become one slim, lightweight system, setting all-in-one PCs apart from the standard desktop tower. If you’re finding your monitor plus tower clunky and cumbersome, then a sleek all-in-one PC may be right for you.

HP all-in-one side

Portable all-in-one PC

A portable all-in-one PC easily moves from your kitchen for homework, to the family room for movie night—or even to the office to tackle big projects. And with multi-touch display, you get the flexibility of using your keyboard or the full touch screen with tablet-like capabilities.

Corner of an HP ENVY*

Built-in wireless connection, speakers, and webcams

Some all-in-one PCs come with integrated speakers while others are loaded with webcams and microphones. The majority of brands come with high-speed wireless connection built-in.

Dell all-in-one side

Easy setup

Do away with the tangle of cords that comes with the traditional desktop tower. With just one power cord, all-in-one PCs are easy to set up and cut down on clutter.

Dell all-in-one screen


Make a stylish all-in-one PC part of your décor. A number of all-in-one PCs can easily be wall-mounted, for a truly streamlined computing and entertainment experience.

Dell all-in-one keyboard and mouse


A wireless keyboard and mouse let you adapt your all-in-one PC to your lifestyle. Create an environment unique to your needs, and place the keyboard and mouse wherever you want them—without crisscrossing wires.

Thin Dell all-in-one side view

Flat-panel, touchscreen

Many all-in-one PCs come with multi-user touchscreens, so you can tap, pinch, push, rotate, and flick through content. These flat panels are getting increasingly thin and sleek as new models hit the market. Some portable models can lie flat, so you can easily move the system from room to room and use it wherever it’s most convenient.

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