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Big Data and Cloud at the Intersection

Big data and new enterprise cloud architectures are revolutionizing every industry in every country in the world“At The Intersection” is a new kind of Web TV show, sponsored by Intel and EMC, that finds and explores the cutting edge of these trailblazing new technologies and the fascinating gurus driving them.

Hosted by Ken Jennings, a popular tech blogger (and all-time Jeopardy! champ), the show offers direct audience access and live Twitter interaction with the tech rock stars who are driving these massive changes. Each lively episode features a leading company in a specific industry, and then discusses other industry examples to illustrate the broader trend.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media delivers live online streaming

Twelve million online visitors per day. Up to nine terabytes of data generated per event. Major League Baseball Advanced Media delivers live online streaming of every game, as well as the most complete, up-to-the-moment baseball information and interactivity on the Internet and wireless devices. It weaves complex big data into seamless and transparent online programming and dramatically improves the MLB fan experience.

NYSE Technologies Capital Markets Community Cloud:
The Fourth Wave of Cloud Computing

We’ve all heard of public, private, and hybrid clouds. But what happens you connect a giant state-of-the-art data center to a closed, highly secure network; and sell your cloud service exclusively to a select group of businesses with shared needs and concerns?  The National Institute of Standards and Technology calls it a Community Cloud – and we think it’s the fourth wave of Cloud Computing.

Jaguar Land Rover's Award-Winning Evoque

The pilot episode explores how Jaguar Land Rover and lead designer Gerry McGovern are making use of big data through the capabilities of HPC clusters and EMC Isilon scale-out storage systems to revolutionize design, visualization, and simulation, as they did for the award-winning Range Rover Evoque*.

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At the Intersection

Big data science and enterprise cloud are revolutionizing entire industries—and the planet! Explore amazing innovations and meet the tech gurus driving them.

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