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Titan Arm

Superhero solution on a student budget

The Titan Arm wins first place at the Intel-supported 2013 Cornell Cup USA, showcasing the abilities of the easy-to-use, inexpensive, powered exoskeleton in assisting with lifting activities and muscle recovery.

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Miners wearing safety gear

A safer workplace you can wear

SoluNova develops wearable safety gear like the 2013 Intel® Global Challenge at UC Berkeley award-winning Mobile Monitoring Station* to improve mining conditions.

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Young male student in classroom with computer mouse on desk

The man who brought mice to school

Kiril Rusev attended the 2009 Intel® Global Challenge at UC Berkeley to give life to his dream of bringing technology to Bulgarian classrooms with a single computer that allows multiple mice and students to interact, becoming "the man with the mice."

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Ben Gulak on his cycle

Clearing the air on one or two wheels

Inspired by a trip to Beijing, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair1 (Intel ISEF) finalist and entrepreneur Ben Gulak created a convertible electric unicycle, an eco-friendly solution to clear the city’s air by reducing emissions and congestion on city streets.

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InErPharm team member

The red blood cell: Chemo’s new sidekick

Russian startup InErPharm develops CytoDel*, a device that delivers the toxic chemical compounds in chemo drugs directly into red blood cells to reduce side effects, such as hair loss, nausea, and hematological changes.

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Baby girl waits for a vaccine

The shot sent round the world

Motivated to prevent unnecessary death on a global scale, Nanoly Bioscience develops polymer shield technology that protects and stabilizes vaccines without the need for refrigeration, allowing them to be shipped virtually anywhere in the world.

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Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried

Preserving batik art in Indonesia

Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried uses 3D modeling and mathematical software to create nature-inspired batik patterns, reviving an ancient Indonesian tradition through technology.

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Greenway biomass stove

Families breathe easier with biomass stove

Biomass stoves developed by India-based Greenway Grameen Infra enable clean, efficient combustion to reduce families’ smoke inhalation and exposure to noxious emissions while minimizing the harmful effect of pollutants on the environment.

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1. A program of the Society for Science & the Public.