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Elisabeth Ashmore stands in front of a wall with the word

Giving quadriplegics a voice

Elisabeth Ashmore, an Intel Science and Engineering Fair1 (Intel ISEF) award winner, created a brain-computer interface that may enable quadriplegics and others the ability to use brain waves to communicate via computer.

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Jenna Hartley

Deadly cystic fibrosis bacterium meets its minty nemesis

Jenna Hartley’s research shows peppermint oil fights against the biofilm in cystic fibrosis infections.

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Sara Volz

‘Algae Girl’ crusade continues

Sara Volz, Algae Girl and first place winner of the Intel Science Talent Search1 2013 (Intel STS), continues her crusade for algae biofuels and STEM education while majoring in biology and chemistry at MIT.

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Eesha Khare at Intel ISEF

A faster charge in your phone’s future

Seeing a need for longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries for portable devices, like cell phones, Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award winner Eesha Khare developed a tiny supercapacitor with nanomaterials that could one day fulfill that need.

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1. A program of the Society for Science & the Public.