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Inspiring a Better Future for Girls and Women

Discover how education and technology access empower our greatest untapped human resource to overcome hardship and thrive


Naomi Shah at work in the lab

Clean air is good medicine

Naomi Shah's investigations of chronic allergies and clean air at home led to an Intel Labs summer internship calibrating low-cost air quality sensors.

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Girls learn on computers in India

Shared courage to break the chalkboard ceiling

Through an Intel® Learn Program community project, Indian boys created the Balika Shiksha Task Force to teach their village about the importance of gender equality and educating girls to reduce dropout rates and breaking the chalkboard ceiling.

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Eesha Khare at Intel ISEF

A faster charge in your phone’s future

Seeing a need for longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries for portable devices, like cell phones, Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award winner Eesha Khare developed a tiny supercapacitor with nanomaterials that could one day fulfill that need.

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Katherine Bomkamp shows off her

Helping amputees kick phantom pain

Learn about Katherine Bomkamp and her goal to create a prosthetic “Pain Free Socket*” that uses automatic temperature regulation, embedded thermo-resistive wiring, and a solar-powered battery to alleviate amputees’ phantom pain with heat.

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Glory Albert, teacher in Tanzania

Hope and glory in Tanzania

Intel Education Service Corps helps improve the literacy rate of women in Tanzania, educating and training girls like Glory Albert, who returned to her community after graduating from college to inspire other girls to achieve an education.

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Moroccan student

Helping Moroccan women mean business

Vital Voices Global Partnership and Intel fight gender inequality in Morocco by providing technology education and business advice to women, helping them develop marketable skills and improve their quality of life.

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Yesenia, the first person in her family to enter college

Easing the path to cap and gown

Learn how the Intel Foundation helps nonprofit Beyond 12 with a database technology platform to track, connect, and coach students and increase low-income, first-generation graduation rates.

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Sara Volz working in her lab

"Algae Girl" on quest to save the planet

Seventeen-year-old Sara Volz develops an artificial selection method to establish populations of algae cells with high oil content as economically feasible biofuel sources, winning the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS).

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