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Inspiring a Better Future Through Healthcare

Learn how individuals and companies are using technology to deliver life-saving treatments, improved quality, and innovative services


Woman talks to elderly person in a wheel chair

An audacious plan to transform healthcare

Learn how Intel’s Health and Life Sciences Group uses Intel®-based reference architecture and other Intel® technologies to transform healthcare.

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Katherine Bomkamp shows off her

Helping amputees kick phantom pain

Learn about Katherine Bomkamp and her goal to create a prosthetic “Pain Free Socket*” that uses automatic temperature regulation, embedded thermo-resistive wiring, and a solar-powered battery to alleviate amputees’ phantom pain with heat.

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DNA string illustration on blue background

Your idle PC could cure cancer

If you want to help find a cure for cancer or other diseases, donate your PC’s excess processing power to researchers using Progress Thru Processors.

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A newborn baby sleeping

Saving newborns, one picture at a time

Doctors in Slovakia use wireless technology to provide neonatal care, transmitting and viewing tests with high-definition images through Intel® WiDi.

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Baby girl waits in line for vaccine

The shot sent round the world

Motivated to prevent unnecessary death on a global scale, Nanoly Bioscience develops polymer shield technology that protects and stabilizes vaccines without the need for refrigeration, allowing them to be shipped virtually anywhere in the world.

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CT Imaging, Even for the Tiniest Patients

CT imaging, even for the tiniest patients

Doctors use innovative CT imaging to get fast, high-quality results while managing pediatric CT radiation risk with quicker scan times and lower radiation doses through Philips Healthcare technology.

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Containing Flu and Combating Cancer

Containing flu and combating cancer

Scientists at Virginia Bioinformatics Institute model individual genomes and map disease data using Intel® Xeon® processor-based high-performance computing clusters, preventing pandemics and providing personalized medicine.

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Innovator Peiyan Duan

Innovator Peiyan Duan

Shanghai student Peiyan Duan wins the 2012 Intel ISEF Grand Award for Biochemistry for her diabetes-related discovery, identifying anti-diabetic compounds found in the foxglove herb and demonstrating their effects.

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