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Your Idle PC Could Cure Cancer

Did you know your PC could be used to find a cure for cancer or AIDS? With Intel’s Progress Thru Processors application, you can contribute to life-changing research simply by sharing this spare processing power.

Researchers at Rosetta@Home recently discovered a protein that may be useful in inhibiting and treating influenza, which kills thousands of people each year. The discovery required plenty of hard work and ingenuity—as well as donated computing power from Intel’s Progress Thru Processors volunteer computing application.

Progress Thru Processors is available on Facebook* and allows anyone to donate their excess computing power to research projects such as Rosetta@Home. Downloading the application is free, and it doesn’t affect participants’ computing experience. The application simply takes spare processing power from individual PCs and sends it to researchers, who use the additional power to perform the complex calculations on which scientific breakthroughs depend.

In addition to Rosetta@Home, which focuses on research into influenza as well as diseases such as AIDS/HIV and cancer, Progress Thru Processors participants can contribute their excess processing power to the research efforts of Climateprediction.net, which focuses on understanding global climate change, and Africa@home, which seeks to find optimal strategies to combat malaria.

In fact, Progress Thru Processors participants can choose the percentage of their processing power that they want to donate to any of the nearly 50 research projects available through Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC), an open-source middleware provider for volunteer computing.

In just four years, Progress Thru Processor’s Facebook page has attracted nearly 160,000 fans. Today, there are nearly 30,000 active participants around the world—from the U.S. and U.K. to India, Indonesia, and Pakistan—who have donated 386,000 gigaflop years worth of processing power to help solve some of the world’s greatest humanitarian challenges.

Progress thru processors Facebook* page

Progress Thru Processors

With Progress Thru Processors, you can contribute to life-changing research simply by sharing your computer's spare processing power.

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