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Traffic on a busy highway

The future of car safety: Gossip

Intel researchers explore connected technologies to develop self-driving cars that see each other and make collective decisions to avoid collisions.

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Conflict-free minerals being mined

Intel and conflict-free minerals

Learn about Intel’s efforts to achieve a conflict-free supply chain with transparency and reporting by driving accountability, encouraging broad action, and in-region sourcing.

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Jimmy the robot on a desk

Imagine your robot today. Design one tomorrow

Discover how Intel’s 21st Century Robot program hopes to increase the growth, diversity, and utility of robots with a 3-D printable open source robot.

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Miners wearing safety gear

A safer workplace you can wear

SoluNova develops wearable safety gear like the 2013 Intel® Global Challenge at UC Berkeley award-winning Mobile Monitoring Station* to improve mining conditions.

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Car headlight in rainstorm

Seeing through the storm

See the research that Intel Labs and Carnegie Mellon University are collaborating on, such as smart headlights, which direct individual light rays to see through raindrops and snowflakes to make night driving safer, and other applications.

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Ionut Budisteanu

Your next car: safe, autonomous, and affordable

For your next car, Romanian high school student Ionut Budisteanu built a low-cost, safe, and autonomous vehicle capable of detecting traffic signs, lanes, curbs, and its own real-time location, all at a fraction of the cost of Google’s robotic car.

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Lightning and thunder illustration over farmland

Lightning-fast weather alerts save lives

Using Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers and scalable Amazon Web Services*, the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network* provides better monitoring of lightning and faster severe weather alerts to save lives.

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Eesha Khare

A faster charge in your phone’s future

Seeing a need for longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries for portable devices, like cell phones, Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award winner Eesha Khare developed a tiny supercapacitor with nanomaterials that could one day fulfill that need.

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