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Accelerating Access

Ensuring access to quality education for everyone

Stronger students, better lives

Stronger Students, Better Lives

Knowledge. Understanding. The excitement of learning something new. At Intel, we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience these feelings.

We’re working to connect communities around the world with access to quality education and the endless possibilities that go with it. We feel that every student should have access to a computer and the internet—at home and at school—and that strong communities are essential to successful learning. That’s why we’re using our position as a technology leader to directly advocate for better educational access for everyone.

“I wish for them to be better
people in the society. I wish for
them greater heights.”

—Perry Edgebe, Science Teacher, Nigeria

Strengthening Education at All Levels

Intel is working with a wide range of partners to achieve our goals. Some of our offerings include professional training courses to help teachers expand on their instruction methods, as well as technology solutions for IT infrastructures. We also engage with academia through research funding, sponsorships, and mentoring. Our mission is to build and maintain a strong foundation for education in everyone’s lives—from Boston to Bangladesh and beyond.

Advancing Education for Everyone

Education and innovation have the power to change lives. Intel offers a range of technology-enhanced programs that provide educational assistance all around the world, from improving healthcare in China to providing laptops for schoolchildren in Nigeria.

Intel® Education Solutions

Intel® Education Solutions

Intel® Education Solutions transforms the school classroom with technology, expertise, and a robust ecosystem.

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Programs for Girls and Women

Programs for Girls and Women

Intel provides education programs, out-of-school learning opportunities, technology access, and scholarships to enable girls and women to fully engage in the 21st century economy.

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Technology Decision Makers

For Technology Decision Makers

Intel Education Technology Advisor provides resources, tools, and collaboration with experts to inform your IT projects and solutions.

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IT project >

Intel's Commitment to Education

Accelerating Access

Accelerating Access

Intel supports education, advocacy, and technology access efforts all around the world. We want to ensure greater social and economic opportunities for children everywhere.

Promoting Quality Learning

Promoting Quality Learning

 Intel supports educators with professional development courses, leadership education, and strategic curricula designed to build and sustain quality learning.

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Advancing Innovation

Advancing Innovation

Intel works with academic groups and institutions to promote excellence and innovation in education, with incentives such as STEM competitions, research grants, and more. 

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