Intel International Science and Engineering Fair: Student Profiles

From great young minds come innovative solutions

When nearly 1,800 of the world’s best and brightest high school students turn their attention to scientific issues of the day, problems get solved.

Among this year’s Intel ISEF research projects: the creation of a computer algorithm that will allow cardiologists to more efficiently diagnose coronary artery disease and save lives, the identification of potential next-generation antimalarial drugs, the construction of a hive ventilator to reduce incidence of Colony Collapse Disorder in bee populations, a solution to provide drinking water to drought-stricken parts of the world through the use of nanotechnology, the invention of a human-computer interface in the form of a high-tech glove, and the search for the origin of life in cosmic dust, among many, many others.

Though these projects are diverse, one constant runs throughout.

Each has been inspired by curiosity, shaped through intellect, and driven with a passion for discovery.

Take a look at some of the innovations presented at Intel ISEF and be inspired.

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