Intel International Science and Engineering Fair: Winners

Top Honors Awarded at Intel ISEF 2014

Following a week-long celebration of science at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Intel Corporation and Society for Science & the Public announced the top award winners for 2014.

Nathan Han, 15, Boston, Massachusetts, received top honors with the Gordon E. Moore Award and a USD 75,000 prize. Lennart Kleinwort, 15, Wurzburg, Germany, and Shannon Lee, 17, Singapore, each received an Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award and a USD 50,000 scholarship.

In addition, more than 400 Intel ISEF competitors received scholarships and prizes for innovative research presented at the competition. This included 17 "Best of Category" winners, as well as grants to the winners' schools and their Intel ISEF-affiliated fairs.

Intel ISEF awards included more than USD 5 million in scholarships and prizes.

Gordon E. Moore Award winner

Nathan Han, 15, of Boston, Massachusetts, won the Gordon E. Moore Award for developing a machine learning software tool to study mutations of a gene linked to breast and ovarian cancer. Using data from publicly available databases, Han examined detailed characteristics of mutations of the BRCA1 tumor suppressor gene, vital in protecting cells from developing cancer, in order to “teach” his software to differentiate between mutations that cause disease and those that do not. His tool exhibits an 81 percent accuracy rate and could be used to more accurately identify cancer threats from BRCA1 gene mutations. Applications for Han’s research extend from identifying specific mutations that cause cancer and other diseases, to advancements in the fields of genomics, bioinformatics and big data. The Gordon E. Moore Award, named in honor of the Intel co-founder and retired chairman/CEO, includes USD 75,000 in scholarship funds.

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award winners

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