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A Holistic 1:1 Initiative Drives Greater Student Engagement in Alabama

Research results from a local one-to-one initiative

Auburn City Schools in Auburn, Alabama, adopted a learning initiative that embraced technology and triggered a deep and broad change across all grades and all curriculums. Follow their complete journey in three parts, and even take a look back on their results.

Part 1: Preparing for Change: Introduction, Policy, Leadership, and Funding >

Part 2: Enacting Change: Infrastructure, Professional Development, and Curriculum >

Part 3: Evaluating Change: Results and Looking Forward >


  The powerful thing about Auburn City Schools is that they’re looking at holistic, system-wide change. They’re engaging the home and the community. Their framework isn’t: We have to teach technology skills. It’s: We have to prepare our students for the world of tomorrow. They’re creating a whole new frame of mind about what it means to teach and to learn.  

– Frances K. Kochan, Ph.D., Dean of College of Education, Auburn University