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A Buying Guide for Education: Teaching and Learning Platforms

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A Buying Guide for Education: Teaching and Learning Platforms

It can be challenging to find the best learning and teaching platforms for students and teachers in today’s schools. These platforms must often support a wide range of in-school and out-of-school activities, while being affordable, manageable, durable, and secure.

When schools buy platforms based primarily on price, they often find it difficult to adapt the platforms to meet the daily learning and teaching requirements of students and teachers. Analyzing how students and teachers will use the devices, determining the lifecycle of the equipment, and looking at current and future application and operating system requirements will help you to make a solid platform decision. By examining more than the up-front capital cost, you are much more likely to drive a better solution set for your school.

There are many different education technology solutions available today. Combined hybrid approaches—where platforms are supported by servers delivering a mix of installed and streamed applications and operating systems—offer the best in flexibility, performance, and cost efficiency. Whatever your decision—from desktops to tablets to cloud computing—Intel has the technologies and products to meet your needs.

Here you will find some basics to help you get the right fit for your school population, curriculum, pedagogical repertoires, and IT requirements.

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