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Monitoring eLearning Programs Guide

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Monitoring eLearning Programs Guide

Intel Education Transformation Research is conducted in varied geographical regions and across a range of eLearning integration programs to investigate the successes, challenges, and policy implications for Intel-powered technology integrations in eLearning sites worldwide.

This document presents an overview of the Standard Research Design and Toolkit, outlining the broad contours of the suggested research activities that are intended to:
• Identify key success factors and challenges or limiting factors for educational technology integrations of Intel technology-based solutions
• Recommend best practices, course revisions, and approaches to enhance education technology integration
• Substantiate policy recommendations for broad-scale 1:1 technology implementations and integrations.

This Standard Research Design and Toolkit is intended to be adaptable to multiple settings, levels of effort, and capacities of research teams. Our suggested research activities are in the following steps:
• Establishing the setting, which focuses on gathering background information about both the integration context and aspects of the rollout.
• Customization of the integration research, whereby local researchers draw from the Standard Integration Research Design and Toolkit to select data collection activities and modify the data collection instruments.
• Participant recruitment, which is done using techniques that are congruent with the size and the purpose of the integration research in any given setting.

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