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Republic of Tatarstan Sets Standard for IT in Russian Education

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The workplace is evolving rapidly. Game-changing new technologies emerge every few years that continue to drive innovation and impact almost all working environments. To make a difference in this dynamic workplace of the future, employees must have a strong foundation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. In Russia, the Republic of Tatarstan is working with Intel and ICL-KME CS to ensure its schoolchildren of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Ambitious Goals for eLearning The computerization of schools is very important. Children can’t just use textbooks now, but also need to apply new technologies to their studies.” These are the words of high school student Diana Galautdinova, an Intel Science and Engineering Fair winner, speaking about the introduction of ICT to her own school in Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital city. Diana’s views are shared by many other students, teachers, and government ministers in the region. As the Internet and computing devices continue to permeate every aspect of work and daily life, the people and government of Tatarstan have committed to providing their children with the resources and skills necessary to compete in the global workplace. Victoria Krylova, deputy principal in charge of IT introduction and implementation at School 177 in Kazan adds: “We are well aware that the world of Information Technology is rapidly growing and we have to keep up with it.” In order to meet this challenge, the Tatarstan government has been implementing an initiative called "E-learning in the Republic of Tatarstan" in partnership with Intel and local original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ICL-KME CS.