Intel® Education Help Guide

Step-by-step instructions that help build students productivity software skills

The Intel® Education Help Guide helps your students complete tasks using productivity software. Want to make a bar chart, set up a three-column newsletter, or add a photo to a multimedia presentation? The on-demand Help Guide provides instructions for hundreds of productivity tasks in user-friendly, non-technical language. Visual images accompany each step to show how it's done.

  • See step-by-step instructions while you work
  • Help your students develop technology literacy
  • Support English-language learners

Instant online help

instant online help

Find the online Help Guide that matches your software version and operating system. You can also choose the guide in another language.

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Help in the school

help in school

The Help Guide is a flexible resource for teachers and students. Find strategies for promoting technology literacy in the classroom with other educators and parents.

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Help Guide: Learning Windows* 8 and 8.1 Apps

Help Guide: Learning Windows* 8 App

The all new touch-enabled Windows operating system is loaded with useful features. Tap, zoom, and swipe your way to things both familiar and functional. Get help with everything Windows* 8 or 8.1 in a convenient app.

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Get the Help Guide on your own computer

download help guide

Download the Help Guide that matches your software version and operating system. You can also download the guide in another language.

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Help for English-language learners

help english language learner

Learn tactics to use with your English-language learners to help them improve their technology and content mastery skills.

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See how Help Guide works

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View an animated demonstration of how to find what you need help with using the Help Guide.

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