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Intel® Education Mobile Learning

Opening Doors to Learning Anytime, Anywhere, and from Anyone

What is Mobile Learning? The better question may be: Is there a single definition or set of definitions that truly capture the ever-expanding potential of mobile technology and applications to transform teaching and learning?

Experts and organizations differ subtly in their definitions of mobile learning, and there is a tension between positioning mobile learning as “everything under the sun” with regard to technology, devices, apps, and tools, and working too hard to craft a definition that is concise enough to be useful and complete enough to encapsulate current and emerging possibilities.

The pages, links, and resources presented here assist educators currently teaching in mobile-enhanced environments as well as teachers hoping to adapt mobile learning practices and tools in their classrooms to understand and contribute to the exciting opportunity to make learning truly personal and powerful.

Introduction to Mobile Learning

Introduction to Mobile Learning >
Explore how the experts define and organize models of Mobile Learning.

Powerful Opportunities, Powerful Results

Powerful Opportunities, Powerful Results >
Understand the potential of mobile learning and know the research on making learning more personal through Mobile Learning.

Get Started with Apps, Ideas, and More

Get Started with Apps, Ideas, and More >
Learn about and download an expanding collection of free Intel® Education apps. Understand how basic policy and infrastructure will further your success with Mobile Learning.

Mobile Learning

A Mobile Learning Morning

Take a quick peek at Ms. Martin and her fourth graders as the school day begins in a mobile classroom.


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Engage with Teachers

Visit Teachers Engage, the Intel® Education online community of educators, to explore and share your mobile learning stories, questions, and answers.


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