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EduTone* Single-Sign On

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Intel® Education Single Sign On by Edutone

Technology brings nearly limitless opportunities for transforming education, from creating collaborative learning opportunities to extending learning outside the classroom. Intel® Education understands that achieving the full potential of education transformation requires innovative, easy-to-use technology solutions that engage students and empower educators.

One such solution is EduTone* Single Sign-On Passport, part of Intel Education, which provides easy, fast, and secure access to online resources and content through a single portal, so students and teachers can maximize time spent learning and teaching.

The Single Sign-On solution is embedded in new Intel® Education Solution devices. It includes the EduTone Single Sign-On Passport, part of Intel® Education marketplace, which provides access to free content from EduTone Single Sign-On Marketplace companies, covering subject matters ranging from math to science to literature. The solution can also be hosted locally and includes an active directory sync to the school’s directory, as well as 24/7 customer support.

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