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Intel® True Scale Fabric Management and Software Tools

Topology Overview

Intel® True Scale Fabric Management Software and Tools

As High Performance Computing (HPC) environments continue growing in complexity, so must the software and tools used to install and manage HPC fabrics. Today’s applications and workloads are too large and intricate to manage using traditional software tools not optimized for HPC’s unique demands.

To meet each HPC environment’s requirements, Intel supports three levels of complimentary HPC fabric management software to install, configure, and manage fabrics:

  • Stock OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED™) – OpenFabrics Enterprise Edition
  • Intel® OFED+– Enhanced version of OFED™
  • Intel® Fabric Suite – Advanced set of HPC fabric management and software tools suite

Stock OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED™)

The OpenFabrics Alliance* develops, tests, licenses, supports, and distributes OFED software, which is the software foundation for HPC clusters. Stock OFED forms the core for the enhanced Intel OFED+ software offering, and Intel provides support for stock OFED-only solutions used with HPC applications.


Building on the rigorously tested industry standard OFED, this enhanced, commercial grade software is fully compatible with ongoing OFED releases and provides tools that accelerate the benefits of HPC investments by simplifying installation and configuration of any size HPC cluster.

Intel® Fabric Suite Overview

Leveraging its unique system-level understanding of applications and interconnect fabrics to deliver the industry's most powerful feature set, the optional Intel® Fabric Suite (IFS) further extends the benefits of Intel® OFED+ with a complete suite of powerful management and monitoring tools that delivers efficient fabric performance.

  • Intel® Fabric Manager provides control of administrative functions for subnet, InfiniBand fabric, and individual component management
  • Advanced Fabric Services are the cornerstone for delivering efficient end-to-end fabric performance, with industry-leading technologies to automatically tune and optimize the network
  • Virtual Fabrics enable network managers to set parameters that automatically dedicate virtual lanes and classes of service by application within the fabric
  • Intel® FastFabric Toolset ensures rapid, error-free installation and updates for host, switch, and management software
  • Intel® Fabric Viewer simplifies management with a Java-based, stand-alone user interface that provides access to the Fabric Manager subnet management facilities
  • Host Services include a wide range of features and tools that simplify and automate installation and diagnostic procedures
  • Hardware adaptive routing and dispersive routing
  • Mesh and torus topology support

Intel® Fabric Suite Components

Intel® Fabric Suite includes several key components, including:

  • Fabric Manager
  • FastFabric Toolset

Fabric Manager

Fabric Manager provides control of administrative functions for subnet, InfiniBand* fabric, and individual component management. Additionally, Fabric Manager simplifies fabric management using text or Java-based interfaces. Important management functionality in the Fabric Manager includes:

  • Subnet management
  • Subnet administration, including fail-over
  • Path and route management—from fat-tree to mesh and torus
  • Fabric and chassis
  • Device discover

FastFabric Toolset

The FastFabric Toolset ensures host, switch, and management software are installed quickly, correctly, and completely—shortening the time and simplifying the tasks needed to get HPC clusters up and running efficiently. Key features of FastFabric Toolset include:

  • Automated host, switch, and chassis software or firmware installation—fast and in parallel
  • Powerful fabric deployment and verification tools
  • Advanced fabric routing methods and analysis tools
  • Quality of Service (QoS) support with Virtual Fabrics
  • Portal to integration with leading HPC workload scheduling tools—from Platform Cluster Manager* to Moab* Adaptive HPC Suite