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Designing a Large-Scale Solution for Digital Security Surveillance

The document is a solution blueprint that explains how Intel, NUUO and Qsan Technology work together to meet the challenges of performance, bandwidth, scalability, and system stability with validated end-to-end digital security surveillance (DSS) solutions based on Intel® architecture.

To meet the challenges of a large-scale, enterprise IP DSS system, the three companies have designed a blueprint that simplifies the deployment of high-performance, high-bandwidth, scalable, and stable 1,000-channel IP camera DSS systems.

Intel® processors provide the performance to manage multiple HD video streams, enable high-throughput, highly reliable network storage, and view multiple channels of selected video on a single screen. The out-of-band remote manageability built into Intel processors enables end users to keep large-scale DSS systems operating, while minimizing technical support costs.

Read the full Designing a Large-Scale Solution for Digital Security Surveillance Solution Brief.

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