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White Paper: Dynamic Power Gating Implementation on Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD)

Dynamic Power Gating Implementation

Executive Summary
The Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx series is designed with optimized power utilization to support a low-power embedded system usage model. To reduce overall power leakage and consumption, power gating capability is available on the Intel Atom Processor E6xx series. Power Gating allows modules that are not being used to be turned off.

Power gating is designed to reduce power leakage during system standby and idle modes. Most power leakage happens during transistor switching, so even during system idle, power leakage still happens. Power gating can be accomplished either by software or hardware methods.

Intel Atom Processor E6xx series features Hardware Video Encode, Hardware Video Decode, Graphic and Display modules in the integrated graphics adapter. Intel® Embedded and Media Graphic Drivers (Intel® EMGD) provides an embedded, focused graphic solution for the Intel Atom Processor E6xx.

The goal of power gating is to put the system into its lowest power state whenever possible. Intel EMGD implements the power gate option for Video Decode (VDX), Video Encode (VED), Graphics (GFX), and Display (DSP) modules. Intel EMGD dynamically power gates non-operational modules in runtime.

This paper focuses on dynamic power gating solution in Intel Atom Processor E6xx for Microsoft Windows* XP with Intel EMGD.

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