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Careers in Software

Create a line of code, touch the lives of millions.

Developer / Software Engineer

Developer / Software Engineer >

If you consider yourself a coding genius and want to learn, grow, achieve, and make the world a better place, Intel has opportunities for you.

Open Source Developer

Open Source Developer >

When it comes to working with leading Open Source developers across the software ecosystem and on a broad range of platforms, Intel is one of the few workplaces where you can experience it all.

Performance Optimization Engineer

Performance Optimization Engineer >

Are you a software stack superstar? At Intel we have opportunities for specialists to help us hit new performance highs.

Quality Assurance / Validation / Test

Quality Assurance / Validation / Test >

We expect our products to perform to the highest possible standards — ours. That's why we employ thousands of incredibly smart software experts to poke holes, challenge assumptions and validate performance.

Sales / Account Manager

Sales / Account Manager >

From identifying needs to developing and implementing strategies to answer them, our Sales/Account Managers have the insight and enthusiasm to make change happen.

Software Architect

Software Architect >

Advancing computing technology takes real vision. Our software architects play a leading role in transforming the computing experience.

System Architect

System Architect >

More than just products, Intel delivers powerful computing platforms. To accomplish this, we need individuals who can look at things from a broader perspective— a systems perspective.

Technical Consulting Engineer

Technical Consulting Engineer >

Our technical consulting engineers are often the face of Intel technology.

Technical Marketing Engineer

Technical Marketing Engineer >

If you're a tech geek and a marketing guru, this could be the perfect position for you.