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Linux Wi-Fi* Driver Compat-Wireless: Manual

Installation Manual: Procedure for building a Linux Wi-Fi* driver target kernel that includes the Linux compat-wireless code. (v.001.1, May 2011)

Linux Wi-Fi* Driver Mode Configuration Compat-Wireless

Mode Configuration Instructions: Describes Linux Wi-Fi* driver interface conversion from STA to AP operation. (v.001.1, Jan. 2012)

MARSE Software Tool: Install Package

Install Package: Download the MARSE software tool and user guide as well as the MSTRESS memory test to check target interfaces. (v., Oct. 2008)

White Paper: Intel® EMGD Camera Presentation Interface

White Paper: Program an external camera source driver using the DMA to Overlay feature, improving external video input scenarios. (v.002, Sept. 2012)

Intel® Graphics Software for Intel® Graphics Family: PRD

Product Requirements Document: Intel® Graphics software requirements help plan for implementation, sales, and support. (v.1.6, Dec. 2015)

Intel® Graphics Software: Product Requirements Document

Product Requirements Document: Intel® HD Graphics software requirements help plan for implementation, sales, and support. (v.001.1, Mar. 2011)

Intel® HD Graphics–Binary Modification for GOP VBT: User Guide

User Guide: Assists with using the binary modification program to modify the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator video BIOS table. (v.0.9, May 2013)

Intel® HD Graphics–Content Protection: Customer Test Guide

Customer Test Guide: Content Protection usage models and impact on Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator implementations. (v.1.9, Apr. 2012)

Intel® HD Graphics - Common User Interface: Spec

Software Product Specification: Common User Interface usage models, engineering, validation, and architectural considerations. (v.3.5, Sept. 2010)

Intel® HD Graphics, Intel® Display Audio Drivers: Windows XP*

File: Intel® HD Graphics Driver, Intel® Display Audio Driver, and documentation for Intel® Core™ and Intel® Pentium® processors. (v.014.4, Dec. 2010)