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Intel® Pentium® Processor Desktop System: Product Brief

Intel® Pentium® Processor Desktop System: Product Brief

Product overview

If you are looking for an ideal basic desktop system, then one built with an Intel® Pentium® processor is the right choice. Reliable and energy efficient with solid performance, the Intel Pentium processor continues to offer great capabilities at an economical price.


The introduction of the next-generation 32nm Hi-k manufacturing process technology brings improvements to the Intel Pentium processor over the previous generation Intel® Core™ microarchitecture. Intel® Smart Cache has been enhanced with the addition of shared L3 cache, and Intel® HD Graphics and the memory controller have been integrated into the processor, providing higher memory bandwidth. The Intel Pentium processor, along with the Intel® 5 Series Express Chipset, delivers a more energy efficient system.

Also available are the previous–generation Intel Pentium processors using the first-generation 45nm Hi-k manufacturing process technology. These dual-core Intel Pentium processors are ideal for more traditional basic desktop systems with the power to run applications simultaneously and efficiently.

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