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Intel Retail Innovations

Intel’s retail vision is rapidly becoming reality

Intel is reshaping the retail experience through technology. From new digital signage solutions to interconnected store environments, the transformation is well underway to actively engage customers, empower merchants, and lure online shoppers back to the world of brick and mortar.

Thanks to Intelinnovations, interactive retail displays anonymously detect the faces and movements of passersby, serving up relevant messages while measuring and tracking responses. Touch-screen digital signage allows shoppers to research and compare products. While remote manageability gives retailers the power to reduce energy consumption, switch out daily promotions, and reduce operating costs.

By equipping retail spaces with these and other new technologies, Intel helps deliver individually satisfying customer experiences while giving merchants the data intelligence and capabilities they need to succeed.

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The Connected Store experience

The Connected Store experience

Intel unites shoppers and retailers through a connected store model that efficiently manages inventory, helps shoppers find what they’re looking for, and weaves together online and in-store operations. This can make a significant impact on customer loyalty.
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For shoppers, connected store solutions increasingly integrate with web, social media, and mobile devices so they experience “one store” wherever and however they shop.


For retailers, the connected store delivers a network of information that can be exchanged across a range of of devices, including:

Remote technology reduces expenses

Beyond the rich multimedia content they deliver, digital displays built on Intel® technologies offer another significant advantage: remote management. Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) gives merchants the power to diagnose, repair, manage inventory, and power up or down their systems—all from a remote location. Plus, they can switch out marketing campaigns and promotions across an entire network of devices. Together, these benefits add up to a solid return on investment for retailers.

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Device compatibility keeps costs down

Intel plays a key role in leading industry-wide initiatives that coordinate the growth of retail technology. The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is one of those initiatives. Its objective is to reduce digital signage implementation and maintenance costs by permitting modular, interchangeable retail systems to work together. It also makes it easier to upgrade and future-proofs investments while lowering the total cost of ownership.

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Displays measure audience reactions

Dynamic Intel-based digital displays can serve up targeted media and track the effectiveness of each message. Intel® Audience Impression Metric (Intel® AIM Suite) delivers the advanced technology that allows retail displays to adapt to changing audience conditions.

Intel® AIM Suite relies on anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) and face detection. Displays sense when a customer is approaching, determine gender and approximate age, and intelligently adapt messages. They can even measure attention span, adding further insight into consumer behavior. Armed with retail analytics information, merchants can determine the most resonant messaging to engage various target audiences and improve customer satisfaction.

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