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Intel® RAID Premium Features with Advanced Data Protection

Enhanced performance and advanced data protection with Premium Features for RAID solutions

Intel® RAID Premium Features

Premium Features Enhance Your Storage Applications

Get even more performance and data protection with Premium Features for Intel® RAID solutions. When combined with Intel® RAID controllers, you can further enhance storage applications and deliver higher ROI for your server boards and systems.

Enhance Performance

SSD Cache with FastPath* I/O

  • Uses solid-state drives (SSDs) as additional cache for the RAID controller by means of SSD flash tiering; frequently accessed information is stored in cache to allow for rapid access
  • Accelerates SSDs using FastPath I/O, providing up to 465,000 I/O reads per second for small, random block-size I/O activity; this is a dramatic increase over solutions without FastPath

Advanced Data Protection

Drive Encryption Management

  • Enables authentication key management, auto-lock, and instant erase of self-encrypting drives
  • Helps reduce risk of data being compromised when drives eventually leave the data center
  • Significantly reduces the cost and time of repurposing or retiring drives

Rapid Recovery Snapshot

  • Captures source volume data changes allowing users to quickly restore files, recover data, or roll back applications to a previous point in time
  • Allows isolation of a server’s boot volume to a separate virtual drive; by enabling the AutoSnapshot feature, users are guaranteed bootable snapshots exist in case operating system corruption occurs

Uptime Upgrade

RAID High Availability

  • Allows the easy combination of multiple storage RAID controllers with two servers to provide a redundant, simplified serer failover cluster
  • Lowers cost and reduces complexity of high-availability (HA) solutions with fully redundant and simplified storage without the need for storage networking hardware while ensuring continuous application availability, while eliminating single points of failure