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Intel® RAID rapid recovery snapshot

Quickly and easily roll back data, applications, and OSs

Intel® RAID rapid recovery snapshot

Premium upgrade feature enhances data protection

Intel® RAID rapid recovery snapshot, an Intel RAID premium feature, is an application that enhances the data protection provided by using Intel® RAID Controllers. The snapshot functionality allows users to capture source volume data changes and either ‘restore-from-view’ or ‘rollback’ to a previous point-in-time (PiT)—very useful in the event of accidental or malicious data deletion or application corruption.

Rapid recovery snapshot makes it easy to implement more frequent backups and reduce recovery time. By supplementing traditional backup schemes with Rapid recovery snapshot, IT organizations can greatly enhance their level of business continuity, data protection, and restore capabilities.

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Key benefits:

  • Restore-from-view or rollback in minutes
  • No time-consuming data duplication
  • Space-efficient snapshots
  • Reduce IT costs and improve data protection measures
  • Boot volume protection
  • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service* (VSS) provider support
  • Convenient and integrated user interface for creating PiTs

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Read/write volume support


Microsoft VSS provider support


Snapshot of boot volume


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