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Intel® Teach Elements – Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

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Intel® Teach Elements: Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

NOTE: This course is most suitable for Directors of Education, Zonal Directors, 
Principals and other Education Administrators.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century provides an interactive e-learning experience to support exploration and discussion of school leadership in our students’ technological 21st century world. School leaders review best practices, examine leadership behaviors, and develop strategies to better support their teachers. They follow two administrators who work together to better use technology to support teachers and improve student achievement. Participants discuss ideas and strategies with other leaders in the course and apply them to their own practice. Extension activities provide opportunities to explore more in depth topics of interest.


Module 1: Technology Leadership

Module 1 provides an opportunity for participants to consider their own strengths and challenges as a leader. They explore strategies for fostering a learning environment that leverages technology to help develop students’ 21st century skills.


  • Lesson 1: Visionary Leadership
  • Lesson 2: Professional Practice
  • Lesson 3: Digital Age Teaching and Learning
  • Lesson 4: Module Review

Module 2: Collaboration with Technology

Module 2 explores how web-based tools enable administrators, teachers, and students to collaborate and communicate with each other and the world. Participants consider how online communities can create positive environment, discuss and learn best practices to protect against online threats and misuse, and explore how technology and policy can work together.


  • Lesson 1: New Tools for Collaboration
  • Lesson 2: Online Safety and Ethics
  • Lesson 3: Online Communities
  • Lesson 4: Module Review

Module 3: Technology Trends

Module 3 provides optional extension activities to explore topics that are expected to transform teaching and learning in the near future. Leaders can complete full or partial lessons on the topics of evolving and more mobile online technologies, online learning, and electronic textbooks.


  • Lesson 1: Evolving Technology Access
  • Lesson 2: Online Learning
  • Lesson 3: E-books and E-readers
  • Lesson 4: Summary

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