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Intel® Teach Elements – Thinking Critically with Data

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Intel® Teach Elements: Thinking Critically with Data

Thinking Critically with Data is an interactive e-learning course that examines critical thinking with a focus on data analysis in our information-rich world. In this course, teachers explore practical skills and strategies to draw on when teaching students to think critically about the information around them. Teachers will understand how to design student projects and assessments that address critical thinking skills when collecting and analyzing data. Additionally, they will see how technology can support students’ collection, organization, and presentation of data. The course also offers practical tips for implementing projects that ask students to think critically with data.


Module 1:  Information in Society and the Classroom

Introduces critical thinking skills needed to interpret and use information effectively. This module provides examples of critical thinking in all subject areas and projects that incorporate many forms of data analysis.


  • Lesson 1: Critical Thinking in the Digital Age
  • Lesson 2: Critical Thinking about Data
  • Lesson 3: Data Projects
  • Lesson 4: Module Review

Module 2: Project Design for Critical Thinking

Guides teachers through the process of designing a unit that engages students in thinking critically with data as they learn subject-area content. Teachers see examples of projects and explore ways to incorporate standards and assessments for critical thinking skills.


  • Lesson 1: Types of Projects
  • Lesson 2: Learning Goals
  • Lesson 3: Critical Thinking Assessment
  • Lesson 4: Data Sources
  • Lesson 5: Module Review

Module 3: Skills for Thinking Critically with Data

Learn the essential critical thinking skills and attitudes necessary for students to be successful in projects involving the collection, analysis, and use of data to support conclusions and share findings. They also review the necessary components for fair and accurate visual representations of data.


  • Lesson 1: Data Collection
  • Lesson 2: Data Analysis
  • Lesson 3: Conclusions
  • Lesson 4: Research Outcomes
  • Lesson 5: Module Review

Module 4: Tools for Effective Data Analysis

Explores how technology supports visual displays of data to clarify ideas, analyze patterns and relationships, and present information. In this module, teachers learn about common errors made when displaying data and how data can be misrepresented visually. They also learn how to develop and evaluate an evidence-based argument in a visual representation using the Intel® Education Showing Evidence Tool.


  • Lesson 1: Data Organization with Technology
  • Lesson 2: Visual Presentation of Data
  • Lesson 3: Results with Technology
  • Lesson 4: Showing Evidence
  • Lesson 5: Module Review

Module 5: Critical Thinking and Instruction

Introduces the methods and tools that teachers can use for instruction in critical thinking about data. Teachers also learn strategies for helping students be successful at collecting data outside the classroom.


  • Lesson 1: Critical Thinking Skills Instruction
  • Lesson 2: Management of Projects with Data
  • Lesson 3: Data Collection in the Field
  • Lesson 4: Module Review

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