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Intel® Teach Essentials training in Sri Lanka
– Empowering the Teachers

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Intel® Teach Essentials Course Content

Intel® Teach Program is a worldwide effort to help both experienced teachers and Pre-Service teachers integrate technology into instruction to develop students' higher-order thinking skills and enhance learning.

It's a professional development program to help teachers effectively integrate Technology into their curriculum, classroom tools and resources to make a positive impact on teaching and learning. The endeavor of the program is to equip students with 21st Century skills; thus enabling them to flourish in a knowledge-based economy.

At the end of the program, teachers will take the following to their school and classroom.

  • A Lesson Plan with student learning objectives aligned to the established guidelines of the school examination board.
  • Student samples:
    ○  A multi-media presentation.
    ○  A student publication.
    ○  A student Web site.
  • Evaluation Tools:
    ○  A multi-media evaluation tool.
    ○  A publication evaluation tool.
    ○  A Web site evaluation tool.
  • A teacher presentation, newsletter, brochure, or Web site to support the Lesson.
  • Handouts, templates, or tests to support the Lesson.

The Master Training is a 64 hour program spread into 8 days from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.Teachers dedicate 7 school days and 1 Saturday for the training. After the Master Trainers complete their training, they in turn go back to their schools and train further 20 teachers who are called Participant Teachers. The Participant Teachers follow minimum 40 hour shortened course where all the necessary modules are covered.

The audiences are subject specialists and Centre Managers of the Computer Labs in the respective schools.

The participants have always been extremely enthusiastic and always take a positive approach to the learning processes.

Teachers feel that their work will reduce by this methodology and they have always been very keen on implementing it at their schools.