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Automation Technologies for the Internet of Things

Providing reliable, innovative, quality solutions for the challenges of today’s factory environments

Automation Solutions with Intel® Architecture

Industrial markets are increasingly driven by tight deadlines and complex customer requirements, highlighting the need for readily available, tested, and reliable solutions. At the same time, the expanding Internet of Things and growing complexity of the factory environment require solutions that deliver enhanced performance, greater system insight, and improved efficiencies.

Embedded Intel® architecture brings the long life support and rugged performance requirements necessary for the demanding industrial environment, where systems must be capable of surviving the harsh 24x7 operating conditions found in factories around the globe. Multi-core Intel architecture also provides the performance capabilities and built-in virtualization technology that enable you to consolidate industrial workloads and deliver more efficient factory solutions.

Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

Pre-integrated and pre-validated, these application-ready virtualization platforms greatly streamline and simplify the effort of integrating previously discrete industrial subsystems into a single device. Products in the series include the hardware and software necessary to deliver consolidated solutions.

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Intel® Architecture Enables Machine-to- Machine Communication

A cloud-based centralized monitoring network enables focus on high-volume production with high levels of quality and automation.

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Intel® Technologies for Improving Factory Performance, Efficiency, and Security

Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)

Hardware-based Intel® Virtualization Technology is used in a wide variety of embedded applications to improve trust, consolidate workloads, and protect critical applications.

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Intel® Active Management Technology

Platforms with an Intel® processor and Intel® vPro™ technology can use remote manageability features to reduce maintenance costs, boost system security and reduce repair time.

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Hardware-assisted security

As security becomes increasingly critical in the digital factory environment, choosing hardware with security capabilities built in is vital. Explore the many Intel® technologies that enable systems to run more securely.

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