It’s amazing what you can do when your tablet has
Intel Inside®

Intel-powered tablets let you do amazing things. Watch ‘Intelligent Sounds’ and see how a robot conductor and a band of Intel-powered tablet instruments come to life to perform a specially composed track by Flume!

Catch the making of Intelligent Sounds

It required over 60 Intel-powered tablets, 2,000 developer hours and 12 weeks to make Flume’s new video come together. Learn how it was done.

Want more behind-the-scenes goodness?

Check out a gallery of images taken from the shoot and during development.

Pure performance

Intel level performance lets you browse fast, multitask effortlessly and makes apps responsive.

Extraordinary battery life

Experience a tablet that keeps up with you and stay unplugged for longer. Listen, watch, play or stay productive, all without worrying about battery life.

Amazing media experience

Immerse yourself in the entertainment with Intel level performance. Stunning, vibrant graphics1 and great responsiveness means you have a personal theatre in the palm of your hand.

What’s new in tablets?

Intel now powers Android* and Windows* 8 tablets. What does that mean for you? Watch the video to catch the highlights.

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A day in the life of Intel-powered tablets

Follow two Intel-powered tablets on a fun journey through a regular day. Experience the results of great performance, battery life that lasts and stunning visuals.


* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

1 Built-in visual features are not enabled on all PCs, and optimized software may be required. Check with your system manufacturer. Learn more at