Intel® RAID Expander RES3FV288

12 Gb/s low-profile card ideal for extending RAID arrays beyond eight drives

Key Features

  • SAS 3.0 data transfer with up to 36 total ports at 12 Gb/s
  • Seven HD SFF8643 mini-SAS internal connectors for 28 internal ports
  • One HD SFF8644 mini-SAS external connector for eight external ports
  • Low-profile, MD2 depth for use in low-profile slots
  • PCIe* x4 connector with power pins to mount and power from a PCIe slot

Target Applications

Intel® RAID expander RES3FV28 is ideal for solutions with more than eight drives and is an ideal complement for the SAS-3 generation RAID cards from Intel. Designed with a low-profile, MD2 form factor, the RES3FV288 can be used in any server add-in card slot including a low-profile slot in a 2U rack system. In cases where an add-in slot is not available, the RES3FV288 can even be mounted to a chassis wall or air-duct.

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Key Advantages

Advantage Description
Low-cost alternative to high port count RAID cards Provides an economic solution similar to a high port count card, but with more flexibility as the RES3FV288 can be paired with a wide variety four- or eight-port SAS RAID card/modules.
Excellent performance and data aggregation Overall performance is on par with Intel SAS-3 high port count RAID with transfer rates of up to 12 Gb/s per port. Compliance with the SAS 3.0 specification allows for bandwidth aggregation of 6 Gb/s target data for transfer at 12 Gb/s.
Exceptional quality and support

Thoroughly tested across the SAS 3.0 RAID cards from Intel® RAID product line to ensure ease of deployment; and backed by a three-year warranty

Optional: Five-year extended warranty

Product Specifications

Product Order Code Supported Devices RAID Level Supported Number of Internal Ports Number of External Ports I/O Processor model Compatible Products


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